Free Download: 10 Day Prayer Guide

We’ve been putting in some work over at Reverb Culture. Weekly blog articles by fantastic writers. Lots of new designs.(I showed my wife this picture and she said “That’s in the catechism?” Mission accomplished.)

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If I haven’t told you yet, Reverb Culture is an experiment in young adult community for Catholics. We’re big on praying with Scripture and the Catechism. And we love cocktails. And weird t-shirts.

This website and community, Reverb Culture, would not exist if the Catechism of the Catholic Church hadn’t changed my life. First my prayer life, then my life, then how I viewed discipleship and the future of the Church.

I’ve read twenty plus books from authors of the catechism and experts in the field. I’ve spent countless hours pouring through the catechism, studying it, and eventually began praying with it. I’ve also been using the catechism and this form of prayer with the catechism in discipleship, catechist training, youth minister training, small groups, young adult groups, and my own life for years.

So I’m finally putting it all down on paper. (Electronic e-book paper. E-paper.) We’re calling it Dual Wielding: A Guide to Praying with Scripture and the Catechism.

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It will be a full e-book that will show you how to pray with Scripture and the Catechism like a boss, and how to navigate the catechism and not be intimidated by it.

It’s going to include printouts you can stick in your catechism, supplemental videos, cocktail recipes for making Reverb Culture official drinks, and a private community to pray for you and support you.

It will also include printable prayer guides like this one.guided prayer thumb

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This is a 10 day guided prayer through Scripture and the Catechism. At the end of these reflections, you’ll have prayed with both Scripture and the Catechism’s exposition of the names of Jesus: Jesus, Christ, Son of God, and Lord. Its an exposition on the part of the Creed where we say “I believe in Jesus Christ, His only Son, our Lord.”

I really wanted to share this guide with you. I’d love for you to pray with it and give me any feedback you might have. You can download this prayer guide, which will be included as one of many in the larger study guide, for free by entering your email over at Reverb Culture.

Download the free 10 Day Prayer Guide.

If you’re interested in the full guide package we’re making, Dual Wielding: Praying with Scripture and the Catechism, you can learn more about it and even pre-order a copy here.

Let me know what you think! If you like it, could you do me a favor? Can you think of a friend or a few friends who would really dig this and share it with them?

Thanks! Talk to you soon.

The Weirdest Thing I Never Finished

I came across this intro spot I made for a weird podcast idea. It is so weird, but looking back its also hilarious. Give it a listen.

This is from over a year ago when we first moved to Texas, were living with my wife’s parents, and looking for a house. I was driving over 1.5 hours to work ONE WAY.

My idea: read through the entire catechism in 30 days and record my thoughts while driving to work each day. 30 days, 30 episodes. RocketCat Blastoff…(such a weird name).

But its good to make weird stuff. You learn a ton and it makes that moment more obvious when you make something that really knocks it out of the park. For instance, when we recorded this episode of The Frank Show, our parish-based podcast show, we’d come a long way, learned a lot, changed a lot, and I feel like we hit a home run. It felt good.

Moral of the Story: Don’t be afraid to try, to make weird stuff, or to try to make weird stuff.


What is the Basic Gospel Message?

“So…what is the Gospel message?”

As the Director of Youth Evangelization and Catechesis at our parish we’ve been focusing on the basic Gospel message, or the kerygma, in all of our volunteer training. There are lots of ways to articulate the Gospel message in its entirety and plenty of places to learn it.

What I wanted to share is the best way to summarize and teach the basic Gospel message that I’ve come up with so far. I’ve used this structure to train catechists, evangelists, core members, parents, youth ministers, etc. Its not my own and has morphed slightly over the years.

Vatican II was 53 Years Ago…

This coming Sunday marks the 53 anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council. Pope John XXIII opened with a speech and a prayer.

Join me today in prayer with Pope St. John XXIII for the future of our Church.

O divine Spirit, sent by the Father in the Name of Jesus, give your aid and infallible guidance to your Church and pour out on the Ecumenical Council the fullness of your gifts.


O gentle Teacher and Consoler, enlighten the hearts of our prelates who, eagerly responding to the call of the supreme Roman Pontiff, will gather here in solemn conclave.


May this Council produce abundant fruits: may the light and power of the Gospel be more widely diffused in human society; may new vigor be imparted to the Catholic religion and its missionary function; may we all acquire a more profound knowledge of the Church’s doctrine and a wholesome increase of Christian morality.


O gentle Guest of our souls, confirm our minds in truth and dispose our hearts to obedience, that the deliberations of the Council may find us generous consent and prompt obedience.


We pray to you again for the lambs who are no longer part of the one fold of Jesus Christ, that they too, who still glory in the name of Christians, may at last be reunited under one Shepherd.


Renew in our own days your miracles as of a second Pentecost; and grant that Holy Church, reunited in one prayer, more fervent than before, around Mary the Mother of Jesus, and under the leadership of Peter, may extend the kingdom of the divine Savior, a kingdom of truth, justice, love and peace.



Also, checkout this old video footage of the opening session of the Council.

And, I picked up this book many years ago and only recently flipped through it, Journal of a Soul is a collection of personal and private writings of Pope St. John XXIII from 1895-1961. It includes his journaling during his years in seminary, the years leading up to his election as Pope, his thoughts and meditations he has while on private retreats in Castel Gandolfo as Pope, and even multiple versions and details of his last will and testament. I highly recommend it. The warmth and simplicity of his life and his desire for union with Jesus Christ above all things is inspiring.

Pick up Journal of a Soul!

If you don’t own a catechism, then in a way you’re kind of missing out on Vatican II and one of the best kept secrets of the Council. Many have described it as a direct fruit of Vatican II, who’s aim was to “guard and present better the precious deposit of faith,” as Pope St. John XXIII said at the opening of the Council.

So if you don’t own a catechism yet, get one! And don’t get some flim-flam ugly or over-sized paperback copy you won’t use or read or pray with. Get one and support Reverb Culture here.

It’s pocket sized, with a vinyl cover, and it won’t hurt if you drop it on your foot.

The Pope, John Boehner, and Zacchaeus

The Pope is in the US!

There’s plenty of coverage around the web, so I won’t pretend to inform you.

However, this morning in prayer (prayer that involved browsing Facebook at one point, I’ll admit) I noticed these things. Going back and forth between the news, Scripture, and then dual wielding Scripture with the Catechism, all of these things came together. It all hit me pretty hard and I’m still processing why exactly that is. I’ll just leave them here in the order I came across them without any interpretation. Feel free to offer your thoughts.

The Belt

The belt is an important piece of man’s array of everyday-wear inventory. An homage to the outdoors and simpler times. It’s the last piece of animal a man can wear without looking like Crocodile Dundee. It is a statement of purpose. The belt makes the poor pant button redundant and pitiful. It’s where the scabbard and sword are hung, the holster and pistol, and the chipotle burrito. The past is preserved in scratches, stains, and a ragged hole you can’t reach anymore. Yes, a man’s belt is a silent watchman. A trusty companion. An emergency tourniquet. A terror for demons. A time keeper. A snug friend. Men, wear your belts proud. Do them no harm. Pour out a beer, and keep the belt another year.

Story Matters

Would you buy a thrift store porcelain figurine for $17 if someone wrote a fictitious story to explain its origins?

The existence of such a thing as Significant Objects is a testament to the goodness of the internet. Authors wrote little vingettes to go with the crap objects, and they were then sold on eBay. The fact that all of these yard sale insignificants sold for a total of $8,000 is a testament to the power of story.

Jesus told lots of stories. People connect with stories. In evangelization and catechesis, you can root an idea or doctrine firmly into reality and your audience’s mind by telling a story.

Tell more stories. End your talk with a story. Write a story into your thing. Put a story on the website. Throw a story into the newsletter. After that conference send out the story of one of the teen’s experience to the parents.

Tell more stories.